Quarry FAQ

Quarry FAQ

Is owning a quarry profitable?

If you’re asking yourself “Are quarries profitable?” the answer is similar to any other business…it depends.

The answer of course largely depends on doing your due diligence on the related research up front.

As well as how well you run the company from a day to day business sense as well as your ability to market and network for customers.

Also, keep in mind the type of aggregate material that your particular site will be producing. A large scale gold or silver mine is in a very different category than your standard sand, gravel, and stone quarry.
The former is obviously a much higher value per ounce, with a much lower volume of output.

While the value of the latter is usually based more on bulk quantities in pounds or tonage. The volume and steady demand of which is going to be vastly higher as well due to our ever increasing need for new construction materials on a global scale.

This should also give you the answer to related questions you may be asking such as “How much does a quarry owner make?” or “How much does it cost to buy a quarry?”.

So, is a quarry a good business? Is it a good investment? With the notes made above, absolutely yes!

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How do I start a quarry business?

“How do you start a quarry?” you ask?

For starters, write a comprehensive business plan. Making sure to cover everything including your initial purchase of the right land to be mined, distribution network, marketing and new customer acquisition, what types of aggregates you want to focus on (stone, sand, gravel, etc).

Make sure you have enough capital and knowledge to invest in the right equipment. Including large scale excavators, loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, conveyor belts, sifters, dumptrucks, etc.

And of course you will need to acquire all of the proper permits.

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How do sand, gravel, and rock quarries make money?

By providing bulk materials for various construction related industries. Such as sand for concrete which is always in massive demand all around the world. Or gravel and various other sizes of stone such as 2B for using in foundations, laying water and sewer pipes, etc.

So how do you value a quarry?

By the types of material your site is mining and the market value of said material, the volume it’s able to output every day, and of course the total surveyed amount available within the land you own under your mining permit.

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What do quarries produce?

Most quarries are used primarily for construction related materials. Massive tonage of stone, sand, and various sizes of crushed rock which are used as raw materials for concrete foundations, walls, etc.

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How does quarry mining work?

A quarry starts with an area of land that has been surveyed to show it contains a certain minimum amount and type of aggregate materials such as various sizes and quality of sand, gravel, and rocks.

This material is extracted and distributed using large scale mining equipment including excavators, sifters, and dumptrucks.
You also need the appropriate permits to operate a mine which will vary depending on your location.

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