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About Us

Zeisloft Construction

Zeisloft Construction was founded in 1965 by Delmar Zeisloft.

Delmar Zeisloft

Originally a bridge building company, Mr. Zeisloft helped construct many of the bridges that you and I still use today to get around Bloomsburg and surrounding areas.

Moving away from that industry and into the land development side of the construction space in the 80’s, Delmar was always a real “Go Getter” in everything he did.

Skyview Acres, Foxtail, and Bentley Drive are a few of the residential neighborhoods he helped develop that are familiar to any locals.

Always hard working but, always with a smile on his face…a real jokester as anyone who ever met him would attest to.

You could drive by various job sites and see the top of his head (barely) sticking up above the top of a freshly dug ditch for a new water or sewer line…

He was BIG in spirit, but not a physically tall man!

Point being, even into his 70’s he was, literally, still in the trenches and really getting after it!

Or you could find him boring around his sand and gravel quarry outside of Orangeville, pulling materials for his next project.

Pop Pop as I and the rest of us in the Zeisloft/Hess clan called him, is greatly missed.

Garrett Zeisloft of Zeisloft Construction

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