pennsylvania quarries for sale

Pennsylvania Sand And Gravel Quarry For Sale

Bridge Builders

Established initially as a bridge building company back in 1965, Zeisloft Construction is responsible for building many of the main bridges that we still enjoy travelling on today throughout Pennsylvania.

Real Estate Land Development

As time went on, in 1986, the company moved away from constructing bridges and into real estate and land development instead. Serving both residential and commercial needs, you will recognize many of their projects…

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Primary Projects

Skyview Acres, Foxtail, and Bentley Drive are all examples of the neighborhoods Mr. Zeisloft developed in his hometown area of Bloomsburg, PA.


The company has also operated a sand and gravel quarry in the Orangeville, PA area since 1990 to supply it’s needs for the right aggregate material for it’s various projects over the years.

Our website also now serves as a way for other contractors to successfully advertise their own quarry for sale.

Industries Served

The company also supplied many other local building contractors, landscapers, water and sewer installers, bridge and roadway contractors, the natural gas industry, and more.

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